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Ice Arena Commercial Plumbing Project
Ice Arena Commercial Plumbing Project

In any climate, an ice arena surface can be installed in a properly built space. This consists of a bed of sand or occasionally a slab of concrete, through (or on top of) which pipes run. The pipes carry a chilled fluid (usually either a salt brine or water with antifreeze, or in the case of smaller rinks, refrigerant) which can lower the temperature of the slab so that water placed atop will freeze. This method is known as ‘artificial ice’ to differentiate from ice rinks made by simply freezing water in a cold climate, indoors or outdoors, although both types are of frozen water. A more proper technical term is ‘mechanically frozen’ ice.

A famous example of this type of rink is the outdoor rink at Rockefeller Center in New York.

Modern rinks have a specific procedure for preparing the surface. With the pipes cold, a thin layer of water is sprayed on the sand or concrete to seal and level it (or in the case of concrete, to keep it from being marked). This thin layer is painted white or pale blue for better contrast; markings necessary for hockey or curling are also placed, along with logos or other decorations. Another thin layer of water is sprayed on top of this. The ice is built up to a thickness of 2-3 centimeters (around one inch) by repeated flows of water onto the surface

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Project Description

Client: Forest Lake Ice Arena
Location: Forest Lake, MN
Year Completed: 2012
Plumber: Dave & Luke